JetBlue offers travel agents the ability to rebook down to a lower fare prior to travel if a decrease in price occurs after a ticket has been issued.

For tickets exchanged 6 days or more after the original booking date, there will be a fee based on the ticketed fare option associated with 'Honoring a Lower Fare'.

  • Blue   $75
  • Blue Plus  $75
  • Blue Flex   $0

For tickets exchanged within 5 days or less of the original booking date, this fee will not be charged and waiver code 'B6HLF' must be placed in the Tour Code Box.

ARC Agencies: To avoid a debit memo, place the residual amount in an MCO and the following conditions must be met:

  • There are no changes to the origin/destination, stopover points, flights and travel dates
  • The lower fare is available at the time of re-pricing
  • The ticket is issued on 279 ticket stock
  • The ticket contains only JetBlue operated segment
  • Any difference in fare must be returned in a nonrefundable MCO, good for one year from the date of issuance in the name of the customer on the ticket

BSP Agencies: Please contact JetBlue's Travel Agency Desk at 1-888-JETBLUE (1-888-538-2583) option 3. JetBlue will perform the ticket exchange for you and will open a Travel Bank account for our common customer to store the applicable residual value. A customer contact email address will be required for this. Travel Bank credits can only be redeemed on, or by calling JetBlue at the above telephone numbers.

For questions on JetBlue's Honoring a Lower Fare policy, travel agents can contact JetBlue Reservations at 1-800-JETBLUE for assistance.

Note that debit memos will be issued if the above policy is not followed exactly.

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