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Ticketing Policies

JetBlue is an Electronic Ticketing carrier and travel agents must ticket their GDS PNRs without JetBlue's assistance. JetBlue requires that all agencies set their system's default setting to E-Ticketing whenever plating on 279 or issuing a B6 flight, and to advise their agents of this ticketing instruction.

Bulk Fare Ticketing

Bulk fare tickets issued through third party websites or travel agencies are not eligible for any changes. JetBlue will not exchange or refund a bulk fare ticket at any time. Agencies with approval to issue bulk fare tickets on JetBlue are required to service them completely.

Infant Ticketing

Infant tickets are required for all international flights. For U.S. domestic flights, infants do not require tickets unless they are occupying their own seat. Lap children under the age of 2 years old at time of departure on U.S. domestic flights do not need to be ticketed. JetBlue files $0 infant fares in the GDS and expects all agencies to ticket their own international infants.

PNRs with infants traveling as a lap child or in their own seat need to show the following:

  • JetBlue defines 'infant' as a customer under 2 years of age at time of departure.
  • Infants name the name field
  • Infant SSRs are associated to an adult
  • Secure Flight Documentation needs to be added for the infant in the form of the INFT SSR

Due to FAA safety regulations an adult customer can only carry one infant. If an adult customer is traveling with two infants, a seat must be purchased for any additional infant. For safety, only one infant is allowed per row on each side of the aisle (seats A-C or D-F on the Airbus 320, and seats A-B or C-D on the Embraer 190) unless an additional seat in that row is purchased for the infant. 

Infants under 3 days old are not allowed to fly on JetBlue Airways.

Domestic Travel

  • Lap infants on domestic flights do not require a ticket
  • Infants on domestic flights with their own seat require a full fare ticket

International Travel: B6-only

  • Lap infants on international B6 flights are required to pay applicable fees and taxes, and must be issued a ticket displaying the collection of the those fees and taxes
  • Infants on international B6 flights with their own seat require a full fare ticket

International Travel: Interline

  • Lap infants on international interline flights are required to pay applicable fares, fees, and taxes, and must be issued a ticket displaying the collection of the those fees and taxes
  • Infants on international interline flights with their own seat require an applicable fare ticket

NOTE: Once a child has their second birthday, they are no longer considered a lap child and a seat must be purchased in order for them to travel. If the child has their second birthday between the outbound and return flight, a seat will need to be purchased for the return flight on a separate PNR.

Interline/Codeshare Ticketing and Bags

JetBlue has several interline partnerships and is continuing to grow. Go to for a full list of our airline partners. There you will find information about our interline and codeshare partnerships, baggage allowances, and points of contact for each carrier.

Separate Domestic and International Tickets

Per the ARC Industry Agent Handbook, a separate ticket issued for the domestic portion of an international journey may not be taxed on the basis of an international trip provided that:

  • The person purchasing the domestic ticket shows the international ticket to the agency receiving payment.
  • The agency inscribes the international ticket with an appropriate notation.

For clarity, in order for US domestic taxes to be exempt, the domestic ticket must show the following:

  • Agency identification
  • Origin & Destination of the international transportation
  • Carrier furnishing the international transportation
  • Ticket number for the international transportation

In the Endorsements field, include this information using the format highlighted below. Do not remove the required populated Endorsements field fare rules.

Example: NONREF - FEE FOR CHG/CXL - BA175 LHRJFK 1259876543210

If this information is not included on the JetBlue domestic ticket, and US taxes are excluded, a debit memo will be issued to collect the missing taxes and will include a Service Charge.

Ticketing Time Limits/Flight Firming

The following ticketing time limits apply on itineraries containing only JetBlue segments:

  • Segments booked at least 60 days in advance of departure must be ticketed by 11:59PM three days after reservations are made.
  • Segments booked at least 30 days in advance of departure must be ticketed by 11:59PM two days after reservations are made.
  • Segments booked at least 2 days in advance of departure must be ticketed by 11:59PM one day after reservations are made.
  • Segments booked at least 1 day in advance of departure must be ticketed by 11:59PM the same day the reservation is made.
  • Segments booked at least 6 hours in advance of departure must be ticketed by 5 hours prior to departure.
  • Segments booked less than 6 hours in advance of departure must be ticketed instantly (i.e. price quote is only valid for 30 minutes in the GDS and then it will expire).

Fares are subject to change until ticketed, and creating a PNR only holds a seat on the aircraft for the customer in the fare class booked and not the actual fare that will be used for ticketing. JetBlue recommends holding the seat in the fare class intended for ticketing to avoid that class from selling out later in the day or overnight. Certain sale fares may expire prior to the TTL or advance purchase requirements may no longer be valid at the time of ticketing. If that happens, the itinerary should be re-priced in the originally held class of service (if there is still a fare that’s valid). If the original class does not have a valid fare then please re-price lowest. It is the responsibility of the travel agent to make sure the fare being ticketed is still valid. Reservations held in Y class will be subject to the lowest selling fare at time of ticketing.

Additionally JetBlue has a churning policy that will impose an instant ticketing requirement for all segments after the first TTL expires.

In order to impose our ticketing time limits JetBlue uses an automated Revenue Integrity system to manage our flight firming process and any agency booking that has not been ticketed by the appropriate time limit will be cancelled.

An Advise Ticketing SSR will be sent at the time of PNR creation and it will include the date and time in which the PNR must be ticketed by in order to avoid cancellation.


If the segments are later cancelled by Revenue Integrity an additional SSR will be sent advising as such.


All fare classes will be processed. JetBlue does not exempt Y class from our flight firming policy.

Unaccompanied Minor Ticketing

Children between the ages of 5 years and under 14 years traveling alone are considered unaccompanied minors. The child traveling unaccompanied must have reached their fifth birthday by the date of travel on JetBlue. A child who has reached their fourteenth birthday and is traveling alone is no longer considered an unaccompanied minor.

Unaccompanied minors can travel on nonstop JetBlue operated flights only. JetBlue allows up to three unaccompanied minors per nonstop flight.

Travel agents cannot book unaccompanied minors via the GDS and will need to contact JetBlue (1.800.JETBLUE) to book. For more information, please click opens in a new window operated by
            external parties and may not conform to the same
            accessibility policies as JetBlue

There is a $100 per person fee, each way for unaccompanied minors which will be assessed at the time you call JetBlue. You will be asked to supply the following information for both the person dropping off and picking up the child.

  • Name (as it appears on government issued ID)
  • Address (as it appears on government issued ID)
  • Phone number

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