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Points Pooling

Points Pooling is a unique way to earn and collect TrueBlue points with those nearest and dearest to you!

Get fly with a little help from your squad.

You don’t have to be a Jet(Blue)setter to earn award flights. Points Pooling lets up to 7 friends and family members combine points to earn awards faster.


Earn together.

Combining your TrueBlue points together as a group makes earning points easier and faster.

Contribute together.

You'll be able to contribute points to the Points Pooling account upon joining Points Pooling initially and with each future transaction for zero transfer fees.

Fly together.

You can easily track your pool's point progress, and soon enough, the Pool Leader can redeem those Points Pooling points for award flights to your favorite JetBlue destinations.

What else do I need to know?

If you’d like to make travel a more rewarding experience, then a Points Pooling account could be a great way to elevate your travel game. It’s free to create and with it you can pool your TrueBlue points with up to six other members, letting you make full use of the combined balance. There are a few important things to know about Points Pooling: 

  • Points Pools can consist of up to seven TrueBlue members. At a minimum, there must be two people in a Points Pooling account.   
  • Any TrueBlue member age 21 or older can start a Points Pooling account and be the Pool Leader. 
  • The Pool Leader will administer the Points Pooling account and can nominate other members of the pool to redeem points.  
  • Upon accepting an invitation to begin pooling, Pool Members contribute 100% of their points to the pool.  
  • Members are not permitted to join multiple Points Pooling accounts. 

Ready to join the pool party?

By selecting “Get started,” you agree to the Points Pooling Terms and Conditions.¹  
  1. A Points Pooling account can consist of up to seven (7) TrueBlue members. The Pool Leader (the person who starts the Points Pooling account) controls the account. The Pool Leader must then invite at least one (1) other TrueBlue Member to join their Points Pooling account. The Pool Leader, along with any Member given redemption privileges by the Pool Leader, can redeem TrueBlue points from the Points Pooling account without the permission of Pool Members. The Pool Leader can remove any person from the Points Pooling account at any time, and the Member will leave with their remaining balance of TrueBlue points. The Pool Leader may not invite a new Participant into the Points Pooling account for at least six (6) months following the removal of a Pool Member. You must contribute 100% of the TrueBlue Points that you earn to the Points Pooling account for every transaction starting after you accept an invitation to the pool. If you remove yourself from a Points Pooling account, or are removed by the Pool Leader at their sole discretion, your remaining individual TrueBlue points will be transferred back to your TrueBlue account. Additional restrictions apply. See the Points Pooling Terms and Conditions for details.

Still have questions?

We’ve got answers. Visit TrueBlue FAQs to learn more.

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