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Travel Agents

Travel agent? Find answers to your most frequently-asked questions.
IROP/Weather Event Policy
Flight cancelled due to weather? Get info on how to rebook or refund using a waiver code.
Booking Policies
Learn more about our booking policies including duplicates, passive segments, groups, churning, fake names & more.
Fare Options
Find answers to your questions about JetBlue’s fare options. For info on changing or canceling a fare option, see our Change and Cancellation Policy above.
Ticketing Policies
Want to know our flight-firming policies? Read on to make sure your segments are ticketed before the time limits run out.
Chargeback Policy
To avoid chargeback, follow these ARC guidelines.
Debit Memo Information
Don’t want to get a debit memo? Check out our policies about what is required when ticketing on JetBlue.
Honoring a Lower Fare
Did the fare you bought last week go down? Read on to find out how to issue a credit for the fare difference.
No-Show Policy
Did your customer miss their flight? Read on to find out how to rebook them per our no-show policy.
Seat Assignments
Get a seat assignment right in your GDS or go online at to buy an Even More® Space seat.
International Policies
Learn more about specific International policies, PNR documentation and bag rules.
Government & Military Fares
Learn about General Services Administration (Government or Military) fares.  
Ticketing Authority
Need ticketing authority? Email our TA Support Desk for help. Please click for a special note on access to KW, ZA & UAE BSPs.
Contact Info
Need to get a hold of us? Find the number for your specific need.
Ticketing JetBlue-coded segments on Emirates ticket stock
See a list of countries where you can use EK (176) stock to ticket B6-coded flights.

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