JetBlue TrueBlue Points FAQ

1. How can I redeem my TrueBlue points in combination with a monetary payment for a Getaways vacation package?
It's simple. Just visit or call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583), option 3.

2. Do I have to be a TrueBlue member to use TrueBlue points?
Yes, but if you are not a member you can easily sign up here for free.

3. When using TrueBlue points as a form of payment, will I be able to earn points on my purchase?
Unfortunately, TrueBlue points cannot be earned when using Cash + TrueBlue Points on a Getaways vacation package.

4. Does "Cash" mean your credit card payment?
Yes, the Cash portion of your Cash + TrueBlue Points purchase is your credit card payment.

5. Can I purchase a Getaways vacation package using only TrueBlue points?
No, you can only purchase a Getaways package using a credit card payment only, or a combination of Cash (credit card) + TrueBlue Points.

6. Can I use a discount or promotional code on a Getaways vacation package when using Cash + TrueBlue Points?
Unfortunately, codes cannot be used toward vacation packages using Cash + TrueBlue Points.

7. Can I use more TrueBlue points for a Getaways package in order to decrease the monetary payment required?
Unfortunately, no. The amount of points and the amount of the monetary payment required for a particular vacation package cannot be changed or redistributed.

8. How can I make a change to a Cash + TrueBlue Points booking?
JetBlue, hotel, car and/or other Travel Supplier change fees and policies may apply. Changes to a Cash + TrueBlue Points booking cannot be made after departure.

9. How can I cancel my Cash + TrueBlue Points booking?
Cancellations can be made by calling 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583), option 3. JetBlue, hotel, car and/or other Travel Supplier cancellation fees and policies apply.

10. Will I forfeit my TrueBlue points if I have to cancel my vacation package?
If you cancel your vacation package prior to scheduled departure, the TrueBlue points used to purchase your reservation will be redeposited to your TrueBlue account. JetBlue, hotel, car and/or other Travel Supplier cancellation fees and policies apply.

11. How can I add TrueBlue points to my TrueBlue account if I don't have enough to purchase my Getaways vacation package?
Points can be purchased online by logging in to your TrueBlue account and clicking on the "Buy Points" button. The minimum purchase is 1,000 points at a cost of $37.63. (Additional points may be purchased up to 30,000, in increments of 500.). The price of points is subject to change.