Savannah Vacation Packages

Savannah Vacation Packages

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Enjoy a sunset stroll, arm-in-arm, as the moss-shaded atmosphere deepens into evening. From 22 verdant squares and urban gardens to quaint cafes and sweet shops, you'll find many places in Savannah that you'll want to call "our place." As one of only a handful of cities in America that allow al fresco cocktails, Savannah offers an unforgettable night out. If you're walking on foot north of Jones Street, ask any Historic District bartender to pour your drink to go.
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The American Institute of Parapsychology named Savannah "America's Most Haunted City." Some of our spirits are sad, some sassy, some friendly, some scary. And according to local legend, they're all around us. Savannah boasts more than 30 tour companies that offer a haunted experience!
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Sure, you'll find plenty of antique shops along our historic streets. But Savannah also boasts mod decor stores, funky junk shops, chic boutiques, scads of fine art and craft galleries and lots of locally made fashion, food and home goods.

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