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What to do in the Caribbean
The original home of superstar dolphin Flipper, Blue Lagoon Island's Dolphin Encounters, is an all-natural ocean habitat on an extraordinary private island. Here you can play with dolphins, meet amazing sea lions and watch them perform spectacular leaps and bows. You can also spend the day enjoying one of the most secluded beaches in the Bahamas at famous Blue Lagoon Island.
Embark on a breathtaking ride down the Martha Brae River with Chukka Canopy Zip Line's river raft tour. An exhilarating and relaxing experience, this river rafting adventure will take you through the tropical beauty of the Jamaican countryside as you sit on a 30-foot bamboo raft. According to legend, Martha Brae, an Arawak priestess, was the only one who knew the location of a secret gold mine in a cave by the river. Who knows, you may strike gold!
St. Lucia
Experience Saint Lucia's beauty, culture and history with a land and sea tour. This is a great way to explore all the island's famous landmarks like the Pitons, Suplhur Springs, the Diamond Waterfalls and Botanical Gardens, and Marigot Bay. Discover picturesque fishing villages, banana plantations and swim in Saint Lucia's mystical waters. Lunch is included as well as a relaxing boat ride along the island's spectacular coastline. Click here for more information.

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