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Know before you go...
Region & Time Zone: South America, Eastern Time Zone
Passport Required: Yes
Languages Spoken: Spanish, English
Tap Water: Safe to drink
Currency: Colombian Peso (Change only before you go, or in banks)
Power: Standard US plug at 110 volts
A little background
Located in Central Colombia at the base of Monserrate - a mountain in the Andes which towers more than 10,000 feet above sea level - is Bogota, a city as diverse as its many cultural influences. The city is home to more than 50 different museums, 7 promenades, and over 40 theaters - as well as hundreds of architectural landmarks - so it's no wonder Bogota is recognized as one of the largest cultural centers of South America. Of course, Colombia is also known for its great music and dancing. Because of its high elevation, Bogota enjoys a more temperate climate than much of South America, with average temperatures about 60 degrees year-round. Because they tend to be drier months, July and August are usually the warmest. JetBlue serves Bogota with nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.
La Candelaria
As the historic center of the city, La Candelaria is the most popular tourist area in Bogota - and is home to many of the city's top museums, parks, and meticulously restored colonial buildings. Many visitors to Bogota never actually leave this area, and spend their vacation enjoying the activities and old-world charm that La Candelaria has to offer.
Museo Nacional
Located in a building which used to be a prison, the National Museum in Bogota provides a comprehensive look into all aspects of Colombian culture, from royalty and arts to history and political satire. Although most of the exhibits are only in Spanish, some now include English translations. But even so, there is still a lot to be learned from this wonderful museum. Admission is free.
Zona Rosa
Widely known as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Latin America, Zona Rosa de Bogota (Bogota Pink Zone) is the place to be for all the best shopping and nightlife. The Pink Zone is home to all different kinds of bars (from pubs to open bars), clubs, restaurants, and lounges. No matter how you choose to spend your night out in Zona Rosa, you're sure to have a great time.
Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
In the Andes Mountains 30 miles north of Bogota is the small town of Zipaquira. Formerly part of a sprawling underground network of salt mines, today the Salt Cathedral serves mainly as a tourist attraction and place of worship. The cavern in which the Salt Cathedral is located sits almost 650 feet below the ground and was carved by miners in the early 1900's, serving as a sanctuary even before the site was inaugurated as a cathedral. Little known to the miners at the time, the cathedral would go on to become one of the crowning achievements of Colombian Architecture.
Colombian Roast
A number of different coffee farms in the vicinity of Bogota offer excellent opportunities to learn about the coffee making process - from growing beans, to harvest, roasting, and distribution. More importantly, you'll earn the differences between types of coffee bean, and how different roasting processes and times affect the flavor and intensity of your favorite morning pick-me-up.

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