Special assistance

Medical conditions and
travel information

Examples of conditions that fall under this type of disability may include: claustrophobia, fibromyalgia, epilepsy, use of crutches or a cane, recovering from surgery, use of a POC (portable oxygen concentrator) or nut allergies.
  • You may request a wheelchair to assist with mobility challenges or add a special service request to the reservation for additional assistance to/from the gate.

POC (Portable Oxygen Concentrator)

If you need additional oxygen while traveling, you must provide your own portable oxygen concentrator (POC) in order to travel. JetBlue does not supply oxygen on the aircraft and does not allow canister oxygen to be transported on the aircraft.

If you are travelling with a POC on JetBlue, you have the option to provide new documentation called the Physician's Consent Formopens in a new window or a letter from your attending physician. Airport crewmembers will need to verify this form or other documentation at time of travel but JetBlue does not retain the documentation (Keep your documentation with you once it is verified).

Please Note: The current required documentation (letter from his/her physician on letterhead with an issue-date of no more than one year prior to flight departure date) is still acceptable.

In order to travel with a POC:

  • Present a letter or Physician's Consent Formopens in a new window from your physician stating the required use of the POC for travel
  • Confirm the knowledge of the operation of the machine
  • Confirm there is enough battery life available to cover 150% of the flight time
  • Present a POC that is an FAA approved make and model

(CPAP machines are also allowed on JetBlue aircraft but may not be used during flight.)

A CPAP or POC is not counted in the carry-on bag limit.

Seating with a POC

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations require seating in a window or in a seat that will not block the egress of another customer (exit row and bulkhead seating is not permissible). The POC must be stowed completely underneath the seat in front of the customer.

When flying in MINT, customers will not be able to use the lay flat feature when using a POC during flight. In addition, the POC must be placed in the overhead compartment during taxi/takeoff and when on final descent/landing until off the aircraft.

Nut or pet allergies

Our customers that have allergies to nuts or animals should alert JetBlue crewmembers at the gate regarding the allergy accommodations needed.

If you have challenges with nut allergies, JetBlue's policy is to discretely create a buffer zone for nut consumption one row in front of and one row behind the customer with the allergy. The customers in these rows will be asked to not consume any nuts during the flight. JetBlue does not currently offer any nuts in the snack choices.

JetBlue does not provide a formal announcement on board the aircraft or in the gate area regarding the restrictive consumption of nuts.

Animal allergies

If you have challenges with animal allergies, you can be moved and re-seated away from any animals traveling. Sometimes JetBlue is not aware of animals that are traveling so seat changes may need to take place once on board the aircraft. JetBlue appreciates your patience in making these changes.

Medical concerns or conditions

If you have recently had surgery or are under medical care, please communicate any assistance needed to the JetBlue crewmembers at the gate. If health conditions of a concern are observed by JetBlue crewmembers, a note from an attending physician or heath assessment at the airport may be required to provide travel. This is to ensure safe travel is possible for you and the other customers on the flight.

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