Aircraft restyling

We set out to wow our customers in 2000 with an all-new fleet of 162-seat Airbus A320s, offering the most legroom in coach*, satellite TV, comfortable seats and a relaxing environment thanks to a keen eye for design. Along with our overall JetBlue experience, this is what customers say they love most about flying with us. As time passes, we're eager to keep earning our customers' love, which is why over the next four years we're restyling our aircraft with more technology and improved materials for a refreshed look and an even more comfortable ride.

Personal space


No need to power off after takeoff! We're improving your inflight entertainment experience with a number of technology-forward features.

Gate-to-gate Fly-Fi

With Fly-Fi – which includes plenty of custom content on The Hub and the ability to stream your favorite shows on Amazon Video – flying won't interrupt your regularly programmed schedule!

CAN touch this

Those screens are so beautiful, you can't help but want to touch them – and soon you can! With our new inflight entertainment system, you can scroll through the video features and watch shows on-demand.

Video on-demand

Hundreds of movies at your fingertips.

A better way to watch

10” HD-capable screens at every seat – that's almost double the size of our screens today!

You're in charge

With in-seat power and USB outlets, it'll be easy to keep up with all that inflight entertainment.

Personal space

Slimmer, sleeker seats and an overall refreshed aircraft layout will continue to boast the spacious environment you've come to love.

32 – 33" legroom

We're maintaining the most legroom in coach (of any U.S. airline based on average seat pitch) and overall personal space to keep those legs happy.

18” seat width

Because legs aren't the only ones who deserve some space.

Even More® Space

Our signature extra-roomy seats are still available on all aircraft.

Larger overhead space

More room overhead means it's easy to keep calm & carry-on.


Little details make a big difference in how customers interact with and feel in their environment. With customer feedback and a little bit of 'design thinking,' we've introduced a number of features, including:

Ergonomic seat support

A vital part in keeping customers feeling refreshed when they land.

Moveable headrests

Nodding off never felt so good with headrests that slide up, down and wrap around.

Custom seatback pocket

Complete with a drink holder, this new pocket is built to help keep things organized.

The fleet

Airbus A320

Originally introduced to our fleet with 162 seats, the A320 offers the widest fuselage of any single-aisle aircraft, wide seats & aisles and large overhead bins.

A320 seat map

Denotes Even More Space seat

Number of aircraft: 130
Restyling begins: 2017
Restyling completes: 2019
Seats: 162
Number of rows 27
Even More Space rows: 7
Cabin height: 7' 1"
Bathrooms: 3 (One in front, two in rear of cabin)
Length: 123' 3"
Wingspan: 111' 10"
Range: 2,700 nautical miles
Engines: 2 (IAE V2527-A5)
A320 photo

Airbus A321

The A321 is the newest member in our fleet – it shares many commonalities with our A320, only with a longer fuselage.

Customers flying on our A321 aircraft already experience many of the features of our new interiors, including new seats. In 2016, we will introduce our 200-seat A321 (without the Mint experience) and continue flying our current 159-seat A321 (with the Mint experience).

A321 transcontinental experience seat map

Denotes Even More Space seat


With Mint: All Core:
Number of aircraft: 11 14
2016 deliveries: 6 4
Restyling begins: N/A Fall 2016
Restyling completes: N/A Winter 2016
Seats: 159 (including 16 Mint) 200
Number of rows: 29 34
Even More Space rows: 7 7
Cabin height: 7" 1' 7" 1'
Bathrooms: 4 (One in front, one mid-cabin, two in rear of cabin) 4 (One in front, three in rear of cabin)
Length: 146' 146'
Wingspan: 115' 5" (with sharklets) 115' 5" (with sharklets)
Range: Up to 3,200nm/5,950km Up to 3,200nm/5,950km
Engines: 2 (IAE V2533-A5) 2 (IAE V2533-A5)
A321 photo

Embraer 190

With its unique "double bubble" fuselage, the Embraer 190 (E190) offers customers one of the most spacious interiors of all narrow-body aircraft.

While our E190 fleet is not part of our restyling program, our E190s are configured with 100 comfy leather seats in a two-by-two layout, which means customers have either an aisle or a window seat. Even More® Space seats, offering additional legroom, are also available on the E190. All seats are equipped with our inflight entertainment system, offering 36 channels of DIRECTV and 100+ channels of SiriusXM Radio. We also offer newly released movies on flights longer than two hours.

Fly-Fi is now fleetwide

E190 seat map

Denotes Even More Space seat

Seats: 100
Even More Space rows: 1, 12-14
Seat configuration: 25 rows; two-by-two
Seat pitch: 32" in the core JetBlue Experience; 39" in Even More Space
Seat width: 18.25"
Cabin height: 6' 7"
Bathrooms: 2 (One in front, one in rear of cabin)
Length: 118' 11"
Wingspan: 94' 3"
Range: 2,100 nautical miles
Engines: Two GE CF34-10E
Inflight entertainment: DirecTV®*, SiriusXM Radio®*, JetBlue Features**

1 Most legroom in coach based on avg. fleet-wide seat pitch of U.S. airlines.
* DIRECTV and SiriusXM Radio™ service is not available on flights outside the contiguous U.S.; however, where applicable, movies from JetBlue Features are offered complimentary on these routes.
** JetBlue Features premium entertainment on flights longer than two hours

Tailfin designs

10th anniversary tailfin design

10th anniversary

Cheers to 10 years!

100th plane tailfin design

100th plane

Celebrating our 100th Airbus 320!

Barcode tailfin design


You can't quite scan our jets, but barcode sure makes for one beautiful tailfin. Generated in 2010.

Binary code tailfin design

Binary code

We feel incredibly "connected" to this tailfin, which was created in celebration of the 2014 Fly-Fi launch.

blueberries tailfin design


What could be better than a healthy snack in our favorite color? Our blueberries-inspired design popped up in 2009.

Bluemanity tailfin design


Bluemanity is dedicated to our crewmembers, their stories, our core values and our nonstop passion for inspiring humanity.

blueprint tailfin design


If you've ever wondered what goes on inside our planes, check out Blueprint! The livery imagines just that with over 50 unique elements hidden inside.

Boston Red Sox tailfin design

Boston Red Sox

This design was a homerun with our Boston crewmembers and customers. We’re the proud official airline of the Boston Red Sox.

Bubbles tailfin design


We were bubbling with excitement to reveal this design in 2003.

Building Blocks tailfin design

Building blocks

Some of our best inspiration comes from our very own crew — like Building Blocks, created in 2011 by a crewmember in Long Beach, CA.

Dots tailfin design


We crossed our T's and dotted our tailfin in 2000.

FDNY tailfin design


We're proud to show our support for the FDNY Foundation with a shiny, red livery adorned with the FDNY shield.

Harlequin tailfin design


A hidden gem, we found this diamond-studded pattern in 2000.

highrise tailfin design


Highrise pays tribute to New York, with its perpetual desire to grow towards the sky. The city is a beacon and is inspiring whatever your vantage point.

Mosaic tailfin design


Created in 2005, this tailfin eventually came to inspire the name for the TrueBlue Mosaic program.

I Heart NY tailfin design

New York's Hometown Airline®

We’re proud to be New York's Hometown Airline®.

NY Jets tailfin design

New York Jets – “JetGreen”

Blue never looked so good in green. We’re the proud official airline of the New York Jets.

Prism tailfin design


"Blue Finest" pays tribute to the men and women who serve and protect New York City, and its livery prominently displays the NYPD flag, badge and shield.

NYPD tailfin design


We unveiled this Cubist-inspired design alongside the delivery of our first A321 to reflect the many incredible facets of our fleet.

Retro Jet  tailfin design


"What's Old Is Blue Again" celebrates an iconic age of air travel with a stylish livery inspired by the 1960s.

Stripes tailfin design


Stripes are always in style. We’ve been wearing them since the very start (2000).

Tartan tailfin design


We're mad for plaid! Which is why Tartan is a fitting and timeless design that looks great on any runway.

Vets tailfin design


Veterans Day isn't just once a year; we honor our vets and military every single day – in the sky and on the ground.

Windowpane tailfin design


Introduced in 2002, you can spot this pattern on both our stylish crewmembers and our jets.

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