To become an authorized agent to sell JetBlue tickets, a U.S. travel agency must be fully accredited with the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC). All ARC accredited agencies are automatically granted authority to validate on JetBlue stock.

International Agents must be accredited with IATA and participate in the local Bank Settlement Plan (BSP). BSP travel agencies requesting ticketing authority must email JetBlue with the following information:

Subject Line: Request for Ticketing Authority
Email body: BSP country, Agency name, IATA number
English Speaking Agents Email –
Spanish Speaking Agents Email –

JetBlue will grant ticketing authority as we deem appropriate, and has the authority to remove it should an agency not comply with all JetBlue policies and procedures.

To obtain country specific accreditation information, contact ARC or contact IATA directly.

It may be necessary for JetBlue to initiate collection proceedings against an agency for failure to meet and/or violation of JetBlue guidelines, or failure to remit payment. JetBlue can file a default claim with the Airlines Reporting Corporation against the agency's Surety Bond or Letter of Credit for the amount due.