Reissues due to JetBlue schedule change – Partner airline interline ticket (OA stock)

JetBlue allows travel agencies to change the impacted JetBlue segment as long as the change falls within the JetBlue schedule change policy of the same city pair and departing one day before, the day of, or one day after the impacted segment. Agencies must contact the validating carrier to verify any exceptions for changes made to other segments on the ticket.

While JetBlue prefers that tickets are reissued when a schedule change happens, we recommend travel agencies contact the validating carrier to verify their schedule change/ticket reissue policy. JetBlue will never reissue a ticket for schedule change purposes if it is not on B6/279 ticket stock.

Cancellations/refunds due to JetBlue schedule changes – Partner airline interline ticket (OA stock)

Travel agencies must verify the refund policy of the validating carrier for an interline reservation affected by a JetBlue schedule change.

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