JetBlue Airways carefully reviews all reservations to address unnecessary GDS costs. Any booking or ticketing violations made and/or not corrected will result in a debit memo and a Service Charge.

Below are some example violations for which a debit memo will be issued:

Each debit memo issued by JetBlue Airways is subject to a $50 Service Charge. Debit memos that are not paid within 90 days of issuance will be reactivated and a $100 late fee will be applied. After 180 days, an additional $100 late fee will be applied and the debit memo will be sent to collections. Service Charges and penalties are non-negotiable and will not be waived; therefore we ask that you pay your debit memos within 90 days to avoid any additional penalties.

Debit memos (ADMs) with tickets that are more than 365 days old cannot be disputed nor investigated, and will be due and payable in full. ADMs requiring additional research should be disputed in ARC Memo Manager within the first 90 days of issuance.

ARC Memo Manager

JetBlue uses ARC Memo Manager to electronically issue all agency debit memos for U.S. travel agencies. This system allows agents to review, correspond and pay memos online using Memo Manager. If you have already registered, remember to check your account and correspond with us on any debit or credit memos. The ARC system manager is set to contact agencies who are not signed up for the program if they receive a memo.

If you are not already registered, register to access, view and correspond to memos. Agents are also able to pay or dispute a memo online using Memo Manager.

Visit, link opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not conform to the same accessibility policies as JetBlue and select Memo Manager under Tool Logins. If you need assistance, contact the ARC customer service center at 703-816-8003 or, link opens in a new window. For more information on ARC Memo Manager Process or to sign up for a Memo Manager Webinar training class or view the self paced online training demo, visit, link opens in a new window operated by external parties and may not conform to the same accessibility policies as JetBlue.

For the fastest resolution, all disputes should be done through Memo Manager as close as possible to the date when the memo was issued. JetBlue will investigate your dispute and respond back to you via Memo Manager. If a dispute is denied, payment should be submitted through your next sales report.

Debit memos and all additional charges should be paid through ARC Memo Manager. If you choose to pay by cashier's check you must include an additional $20 processing fee in the amount of the check. You should detach the stub on the lower portion of the ADM and submit it with your check so that we can accurately apply your payment. Checks submitted without proper documentation will not be applied to the debit memo, and they will remain active and subject to late penalties.

Checks should be mailed to the following address:

JetBlue Airways
Fare Audit (L2)
6322 South 3000 East
Salt Lake City, UT 84121


JetBlue uses BSPLink for issuing debit memos for bookings made outside of the U.S. Contact IATA for assistance with access to BSPLink.

For the fastest resolution, all disputes should be done through BSPLink. If additional correspondence is needed you can email, link opens in a new window to provide more information.

Travel agencies are encouraged to quickly review and notify JetBlue of any disputes or questions. Memos should be submitted for payment through your next sales report. Check payments are not permitted from international agencies that settle transactions through BSP.

Debit Memo Policies

To receive authorization for anything that is outside of JetBlue policy, you must contact us at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) and speak to a JetBlue crewmember. Authorization is at the discretion of JetBlue, and there must be written documentation by JetBlue in the record of the ticket. JetBlue does not honor verbal authorizations. Any actions taken without proper authorization documented in the record will result in a debit memo for the amount of the violation plus a $50 Service Charge.

JetBlue does not pay commissions for any tickets purchased in the United States, US Virgin Islands Puerto Rico and Canada for travel to/from all destinations. If a travel agent takes a commission on a JetBlue ticket a debit memo will be issued in the amount of the commission plus the $50 Service Charge.

For tickets purchased in other countries, JetBlue only pays commissions as mandated by the local government. At this time, Colombia and the Dominican Republic are the only countries that qualify for this exception. JetBlue will pay the mandated 1% commission on JetBlue fares only for tickets issued by an agency in Colombia or the Dominican Republic. Any commission taken in excess of 1%, or taken on another airline fare component, will result in a debit memo in the amount of the excess commission plus a $50 Service Charge.

Duplicate Tickets
If a travel agent issues two identical tickets for the same customer, JetBlue will allow the agency to refund the most recent ticket back to the original form of payment. We will waive the applicable change/cancel penalty fee required by our fare rules; however a $50 Service Charge debit memo will be issued to the travel agency for administrative costs.

Travel agents are responsible for upholding CAT 18 fare rules with respect to endorsements. Auto-populated text in the Endorsement box should not be removed or altered when the ticket is issued. During an exchange, the new ticket endorsements must be annotated with the correct text. Removed or altered endorsement text will result in a $25 Service Charge debit memo. Note: In the event a corporate discount has been added in the Tour Code box, waiver code information can be added in the Endorsement box after the required annotated text.

Name Corrections
JetBlue allows for name corrections per our policy. Failure to follow the restrictions or rebook in the lowest available class will result in a debit memo for a minimum of $50 and up to the difference in airfare, change penalties and the $50 Service Charge.

Nonrefundable Tickets
For JetBlue nonrefundable tickets, any flight segments cancelled in the PNR prior to scheduled departure will retain ticket value for future use and are valid for one year from date of original ticket issuance. At the time of future use, the applicable change penalty must be charged and any difference in airfare, if greater, must be collected during the exchange.

If any part of the ticket is unused after the ticketed departure date, and the reservation has not been cancelled, the ticket has no value and will be marked as USED per our no-show policy.

Once the value of a nonrefundable ticket has been applied towards the purchase of a new ticket, the original ticket is considered valueless.

Any nonrefundable ticket that is refunded without JetBlue authorization will result in a debit memo in the amount of the refund plus a $50 Service Charge. Upon payment of the debit memo, travel agency's client(s) will not be entitled to a credit for use on future JetBlue flights.

ARC Agencies: All nonrefundable residual values remain nonrefundable and must be placed in an MCO at the time of the exchange, otherwise the residual value is forfeited. All MCOs issued from nonrefundable tickets must be marked as nonrefundable and state "For B6 Transportation Only." Debit memos may be issued for incorrectly marked MCOs. MCOs are valid for one year from the original date of MCO issuance.

BSP Agencies: All nonrefundable residual values remain nonrefundable. Beginning November 1, 2014, in the event an exchanged ticket would result in a residual value remaining, you will need to contact JetBlue's Travel Agency Desk at 1-888-JETBLUE (1-888-538-2583) option 1, or 801-449-2023. JetBlue will perform the ticket exchange for you and will open a Travel Bank account for our common customer to store the applicable residual value. A customer contact email address will be required for this. Travel Bank credits can only be redeemed on, or by calling JetBlue at the above telephone numbers.

Other Airline Private Fares
JetBlue fares are only combinable with other airline published fares. If your travel agency has access to discounted fares on other airlines, segments priced with those fares should be ticketed separately from all JetBlue segments. JetBlue does not have access to validate other airline private fares and will issue a debit memo for the difference between the private fare and the public fare plus the $50 Service Charge if these are ticketed together.

Refundable Tickets
For JetBlue refundable tickets, segments must be cancelled in the PNR prior to scheduled departure for the ticket to qualify for a full refund to the traveler's original form of payment. Once the flight has departed the ticket must remain in open status and will remain valid for one year from date of issuance. Any ticket that is refunded when flight segments were not cancelled prior to scheduled departure will result in a debit memo for the full value of the ticket plus a $50 Service Charge.

Changing and re-issuing refundable tickets prior to departure will not be charged a change penalty; however any difference in fare must be collected if greater, and refunded to the original form of payment if less.

Ticketing Time Limits
Read more information about ticketing time limits for itineraries containing only JetBlue segments.

Waiver Codes
JetBlue has limited usage of waiver codes. We currently issue them for large weather events, schedule changes and name corrections. Please visit each of these sections for more detailed information regarding which waiver codes to use and how to use them.

More information on weather related events, up to date and past dated waiver code information, along with affected flights/market.

When doing an exchange, waiver codes should be entered into the Tour Code box in the exact format provided by JetBlue Airways. Do not add waiver codes to any other areas of the ticket as it will cause problems with ticketing endorsements and may result in a debit memo. Waiver codes not entered exactly as provided by JetBlue may result in the waiver code not being accepted and a debit memo will be issued. Note: In the event a corporate discount has been added in the Tour Code box, waiver code information can be added in the Endorsement box after the required annotated text.

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