JetBlue is proud to have been chosen to provide Cuba service in the fall of 2016. This page describes the necessary PNR documentation required as well as links to Cuba specific policies. The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has very specific requirements for documentation that differs from other countries. Please read this page thoroughly and note that documentation is at a customer level, not a PNR level. Travel is only allowed for customers that meet one of the approved travel categories.

Approved travel categories

Reason for Travel Definition Code
Family visits FAMLY
Official governmental business GOVMT
Journalistic activity JOURN
Professional research or meetings PROFL
Educational activities or people-to-people exchanges EDUCA
Religious activities RELIG
Sports and public events PERFO
Support for the Cuban people SUPRT
Educational activities or people-to-people exchanges HUMAN
Research INSTI
Informational materials INFOR
Authorized export activities EXPRT
Non-immigrant Cuban National CUNAT
OFAC specific license LICEN

Required documentation

Each and every customer (including Cuban Nationals) needs the following PNR documentation:

  • Approved travel category via SSR code RFTV (form: SSR [code])
  • Snail mail address in SSR DOCA (or DOCI for infant)
  • Email address for lead customer in an OSI. JetBlue will only use this information to arrange for electronic affidavit completion and day of IROP notification (if necessary).
    Form: OSI B6 CTCE [email address with "//" in place of @ symbol]
    Note: two periods .. are used in place of an underscore line

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