Next Generation of Learners in STEM

Youth who are passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and aviation should have opportunities to pursue their dreams. That is why JetBlue has a long standing association with strongly supporting STEM education programs for youth.

Recognizing the need to support further diversity in aviation, JetBlue has worked with colleges and technical schools to engage awareness in aviation careers.

For the past three years, the JetBlue Foundation has worked with OBAP to bring Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academiesopens in a new window to life in select JetBlue cities. OBAPs mission is to increase African-American presence in the aerospace industry by connecting industry professionals with aspiring aviators eager to follow their footsteps.

JetBlue has a unique education pathway from relationships with elementary school students and mentoring high school and college students to our University Gateway programopens in a new window, which leads to positions as pilot trainees with JetBlue. We encourage several cost effective ways to bring people into the field of aviation. Several paths are based on a future aviator's passion and aptitude for flying versus more traditional paths that can be more financially restrictive.

Currently, we partner with organizations seeking to promote greater inclusion in the pilot community. JetBlue hosted 15 students from York College as part of the first High Velocity Mentoring 2016 Series event produced by Corporate Social Responsibility and the Diversity & Inclusion workforce team. York Collegeopens in a new window has a longstanding relationship with JetBlue and is a grant recipient of the JetBlue Foundation. The students had the opportunity to meet with many crewmembers in different areas across our operations and engage in a 50-minute high velocity speed mentoring session. Mentors included the panelists as well as many other crewmembers who offered valuable advice to the students on how to build a successful career.

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