Support for STEM Education

The JetBlue Foundation is the first airline sponsored foundation to focus solely on supporting aviation-related education and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programs. Since our very first flight, we have set our sights on inspiring humanity beyond air travel – for customers, crewmembers and the communities we serve. The mission of the foundation is to help advance and provide learning opportunities for underserved groups. It does so by working hand-in-hand with local and national education institutions to support aviation-related programs and cultivate influential programs.

“We want to help students' dreams take flight through the work of the foundation. Starting in 2013, the JetBlue Foundation began supporting unique experiences starting at the grade school level to introduce students to STEM education. Fewer than 3 percent of commercial airline pilots are people of color and only 4 percent of pilots are women," said Joanna Geraghty, our EVP Customer Experience for JetBlue and the President of the JetBlue Foundation. "Through the JetBlue Foundation, we are helping to improve these statistics. We are continuing to put aviation on the map as a career choice for students from all communities and backgrounds. The JetBlue Foundation is making an investment in our children and an investment in the future of our industry."

Since 2013, the JetBlue Foundation has provided nearly $400,000 to grant recipients and educational alliances focusing on STEM and aviation-related programs.

2015 JetBlue Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • Aviation Career & Technical High School (Long Island City, NY)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Technology Improvement Plan
  • EdVestors (Boston, MA)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - STEM Program with Boston Public Schools
  • Inter American University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Girls in Aviation Educational Mentoring Program
  • JHS 88 Peter Rouget (Brooklyn, NY)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Fabrication Laboratory for STEM Education
  • Project Scientist (Long Beach, CA)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - STEM Education Camp
  • Thomas A. Edison State College (Trenton, NJ)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Online STEM Program for Aviation Management

2014 JetBlue Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • Organization of Black Aeronautical Professions (OBAP) (Chicago, IL)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - ACE Camps
  • Utah Valley University (Orem, UT)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Women/Veterans Online Program
  • Wings of Eagles Discovery Center (Elmira, NY)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Science on a Sphere Exhibit STEM

2013 JetBlue Foundation Grant Recipients:

  • Aviation Career & Technical High School (Long Island City, NY)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Welding Lab
  • CUNY Aviation Institute at York College (Jamaica, NY)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Dispatcher Program
  • SUN 'n FUN (Lakeland, FL)
    Grant Amount: $25,000 - Mechanic Power Plant Program

The Foundation provides support for developing programs to help them expand on fledgling aviation-focused initiatives.

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