Inspiring Humanity In Fort Lauderdale

Our crewmembers have a great sense of fulfillment when serving our local community in Fort Lauderdale – they're passionate about "giving back," whether it's to a soup kitchen, working with disabled children or building a playground. Crewmembers who volunteer in Fort Lauderdale are committed to working on CSR projects year-round and make sure they have an event with different interests every month.

In 2015, crewmembers from Fort Lauderdale were honored to receive a BlueCity of the Year Award, recognizing their engagement and contribution to service in the Fort Lauderdale area. A $20,000 grant was awarded for crewmembers to donate to their charities of choice. This group has shown an outstanding commitment to their community and continue to do so by helping children with disabilities receive therapy through horse riding or cleaning up a beach. The Fort Lauderdale team is a true testament to inspiring humanity in the community with a total of 5,000 volunteer hours! They are the perfect example of JetBlue's caring value. For more information about Fort Lauderdale, visit JetBlue Vacations

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