Corporate Citizenship


When it comes to sustainability at JetBlue, it is important that we continue to lead and innovate in our environmental practices just as much as we do in other areas of our business.


Our JetBlue values – safety, caring, integrity, passion and fun – are what we're about. Inspiring humanity only works if both crewmembers and customers believe it's a truly authentic mission. Airlines, and particularly JetBlue, have to be part of each community that we serve, because our customers and crewmembers live there, and so the footprint of our brand in that community is very important as a test of authenticity.


Here's a quick snapshot of some of JetBlue's most significant sustainability efforts:


  • Onboard recycling: In our first year, we recycled approximately 28 million cans and bottles – about 84% of the total volume consumed on domestic flights (international cities have specific Customs regulations that limit our efforts). All the money earned through recycling is given back to our BlueCities to donate to charities selected by crewmembers themselves.
  • Fuel: As our largest expense ($1.35 billion in 2015), we have made substantial efforts to conserving it in more ways than ever. Our water savings trialopens in a new window is an initiative through which select flights have potable water tanks filled to 75%. This creates a substantial weight and fuel savings that doesn't impact the customer experience.
  • Uniforms: In 2014, we switched to our new uniforms and were left with tons of old garments – 18.5 tons, in fact. Instead of tossing it in landfills, we partnered with nonprofits including Planet Aid and donated the returned uniforms to them to recycle and resell the clothing in support of education and sanitation programs in the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


With each passing day, we gain a greater understanding of how the environment supports our business, our people and our BlueCities. We also recognize that our industry's role in connecting people and places will only continue to grow, so it's our responsibility to make sure we reduce emissions and minimize our overall impact wherever and whenever we can. Being responsible corporate citizens is vital, particularly in an area of importance to our crewmembers, customers and shareholders. For more information on our efforts, please visit


– Robin Hayes, President & CEO, JetBlue

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