Defining JetBlue Sustainability

We depend on natural resources and a healthy environment to keep our business running smoothly. Fuel, water and metals are essential for us to fly, and our industry relies on having beautiful, natural, preserved destinations for our customers to visit. Our business has an impact on the environment – there’s no doubt about it. The question is, how are we going to reduce that impact without grounding the fleet?

Sustainability strategy

We take great care to determine where we want to be in the long-term. As we continue to assess and refine our responsibility strategy over time, we focus on issues that have the potential to impact our business and are important to our stakeholders. Customers and crewmembers are key to JetBlue's sustainability strategy. Demand from these groups for responsible service is one of the motivations behind changes that reduce our environmental impact.

Being 'green' saves green bucks. By using less fuel and recycling much of our waste, we cut costs. Keeping oceans and communities clean boosts tourism, increasing our customer base. To make environmental considerations part of our long-term business plan, we are connecting being 'green' and its return on investment. Learn more about how we see the financial side of sustainabilityopens in a new window, and how we measure the benefit to our businessopens in a new window.

Learn how this strategy comes to life by visiting our sustainability page.