Offsetting CO2? We're on it

We try to reduce GHG emissions from our daily operation, but we aren't able to completely eliminate them –no airline can with current technology. In the meantime, we're making use of carbon offsets.

Reducing what we can, offsetting what we can't


Since partnering with in 2008, JetBlue has offset more than 350 million pounds (158,000 metric tons) of CO2e. In 2013 alone, we offset more than 36 million pounds (16,329 metric tons) of CO2 emissions. For more on how we reduce and report emissions, visit our Responsibility Report.

Since 2008, we have been working with, allowing customers to offset part of the carbon footprint of their flights by making a donation to support carbon reduction projects. Customers can purchase carbon offsets for their flight here. For a limited time, customers may be able to purchase carbon offsets when booking select routes on

FAQs for Offsets Donated with JetBlue and

Where do I offset greenhouse gases associated with my JetBlue flight?
Here on JetBlue and's joint website. Simply enter your flight info and hit 'offset'.

Why should I donate to
JetBlue customers who donate to, a leading environmental non-profit organization, help fund technology designed to prevent harmful greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere. Your donation offsets a portion of your flight’s CO2 footprint, making you part of effort to ensure that there are still great places to fly to in the long-run.

Where exactly does my money go?
Your donation goes to and the Seneca Meadows Landfill Gas to Energy Project. The Project utilizes state-of-the-art technology to capture harmful methane greenhouse gas from the landfill and convert it into electricity that can be used towards powering homes. Capturing and using the harmful methane gas in this way prevents it from entering the atmosphere, which protects the environment. The Project also established a wetlands preserve of over 400 acres on the Project site, featuring an ecological education center for children, families and schools.

How is this related to my JetBlue flight?
When JetBlue flies airplanes, greenhouse gases like CO2 are released into the air and warm the atmosphere. JetBlue can’t capture the exact CO2 that is released from the plane you are on, but we can try to capture other equally impactful greenhouse gases elsewhere. The goal is to reduce the total amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the environment, thus slowing the related impacts of climate change.

JetBlue’s mission is to Inspire Humanity. One way we do that is by flying people to beautiful places, reuniting them with loved ones or introducing them to amazing vacation experiences. All of these things require a healthy planet and stable climate. Offsetting CO2 is a good way to keep happy customers in the air and our communities safe on the ground.

Does JetBlue make any money off this or take any part of the offsets?
No, every penny is passed through to

What does JetBlue do to offset greenhouse gases?
JetBlue has already offset over 350 million pounds of CO2 with See our annual Responsibility Report here to learn other ways we reduce emissions.

Can I receive a tax deduction for my offset?
Yes, please email with a note that you purchased offsets through JetBlue, and will get back to you with the appropriate paperwork.

Are offsets refundable?
No, offsets are non-refundable.

Where can I learn more about and its mission?
You guessed it –!