Valuing nature
is our second nature

Destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean make up one-third of JetBlue’s route network, and the ecosystem health and natural appearance of these destinations have a direct impact on our business. No one benefits when oceans and beaches are polluted, yet these problems persist around the world.

EcoEarnings: A Shore Thing

Ocean Foundation 10th Anniversary

EcoEarnings: A Shore Thing is about how JetBlue is connecting conservation and profits.

We have partnered with The Ocean Foundationopens in a new window to try and show the economic value of clean beaches by directly tying the importance of nature to our airline's main economic measure— revenue per available seat mile (RASM). By attempting to attach actual dollar values to unspoiled shorelines, we hope to strengthen interest in protecting destinations' ecosystems we depend on and promote the economic importance of shoreline conservation.

Learn more about EcoEarnings hereopens in a new window.

Student grant program

JetBlue sponsors an annual grant program to bring students to sustainability conferences and think-tanks focusing on coastal tourism. The grant program supports JetBlue's business belief that clean and healthy shorelines are critical to long-term tourism development.

In 2015, as part of our first initiative, we partnered with the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) to send two students to the Innovators Think Tank: Climate Change and Coastal & Marine Tourism symposium. The event was designed to highlight how the Caribbean can better prepare its tourism sector to deal with climate change.

Get more information about student grant programsopens in a new window.

I now see businesses has the power to make or break a destination, this [can be used] to guide best practices.
— Grant Winner 2015, University of West Indies
It was an honor to have been selected to attend the Our Ocean — One Future Leadership Summit. The conference helped guide me in my approach to thinking critically about environmental issues that plague our Planet. From learning about the intricacies of foreign policies playing a role in natural resource management, to the protection of marine ecosystems and preventing the exploitation of ocean based materials. This was an amazing opportunity to connect with environmental stewards from around the world. My ocean pledge is to continue my volunteer efforts, empower my students to understand our ecosystems and take initiative in learning about our Oceans. I know that the future of our oceans have a better chance of surviving and thriving due to all of the intelligent, committed and passionate people who came together to take a stand and unify in honor of our Planet and our Ocean.
— Joshua Youse 2016, Unity College
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