T5 Farm sprouts blue potatoes in a new green space at JFK

With 32 million people flying every year, and millions going through New York's John F. Kennedy airport alone, JetBlue wanted to make a big, green statement at our terminal at JFK. Thus, the seed for a 'farm-to-air' innovation was planted! The T5 Farm was built to promote urban agriculture and provide more green space for our customers.

The 24,000 square foot farm features 3,000 crates of potato plants, herbs and other produce. It highlights local farmers and New York's agriculture by growing more than 1,000 pounds of blue potatoes per harvest and housing 2,000 herbs and plants, including a variety of produce such as leeks, arugula, beets, kale and carrots. It is the first functioning farm in the world at an airport.

Food grown at the T5 Farm completes the full cycle of food production. In partnership with Air Ventures and Royal Waste Services, JetBlue composts many leftovers from select restaurants in T5. JetBlue hauls nearly 300 pounds of food waste each day for composting at McEnroe Organic Farm in the Hudson Valley region of New York. The nutrient rich, organic soil from the farm is then transported to the T5 Farm to grow potatoes and produce. GrowNYCopens in a new window, an environmental nonprofit that supports local agriculture and farmers' markets, has partnered with JetBlue since 2012.

The T5 Farm is more than a new green space; it serves as an agricultural and educational resource for the community. The harvests from the T5 Farm are donated to local food pantries. In three months alone, the farm produced almost 1,000 lbs. of food which was donated to local food banks.

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