One Thing That's Green – Shrinking our carbon footprint

Over the past eight years, JetBlue has focused on addressing our biggest environmental impact, greenhouse gases, by partnering with Carbonfund.orgopens in a new window, a leading environmental nonprofit organization, allowing travelers to offset part of the carbon footprint from their flights by donating to carbon reduction projects.

To date, JetBlue has purchased offsets totaling more than 2 billion pounds of CO2e emissions independent of customer offsets. This is the largest offsetting effort by a US commercial airline. JetBlue, with the assistance of our customers who voluntarily offset CO2 emissions, help fund technology and forestry projects designed to help reduce the environmental impact of aircrafts and prevent harmful greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.

In 2015, JetBlue took a different approach to the One Thing That's Green ongoing campaign by encouraging our customers and crewmembers to help reduce their carbon footprint. To encourage our customers and crewmembers, we partnered once again with to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (CO2e) for all scheduled flights from April 1 to April 30, 2015.

This allowed JetBlue to reduce the carbon impact of 500,000 metric tons of CO2e or 57.1 million gallons of jet fuel. JetBlue then purchased the equivalent offsets which would be used to protect a 400,000 acre rainforest in Brazil. The protection would in turn generate several million carbon offsets over the next few years.

Our efforts marked the first known time a commercial carrier has flown 'carbon-neutral' flights for a month. Together with, JetBlue has worked to increase awareness and engagement of its customers and crewmembers in offsetting emissions.

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