A little DREAM goes a long way

Since 2008, JetBlue has been teaming up with The DREAM Project in the Dominican Republic. Over the past eight years, The DREAM Project partnership has enabled JetBlue to offer hands-on support and demonstrate corporate citizenship in a way that goes beyond our distinctive approach to modern jetting. Serving as a corporate ambassador to DREAM, JetBlue reaches more than 6,000 youth each year. DREAM's programs extend from early childhood through young adulthood, empowering at-risk children and youth to create a better future for themselves and their families through high quality education, youth development and community enrichment.

In 2012, JetBlue sent a team of 20 crewmembers to the Ciudad Paraguay Public School in the Dominican Republic to help beautify the school, as well as distribute laptop computers, school supplies and, most importantly, books. The distribution of these supplies revolved around academic workshops that reinforced lessons in geography, leadership and literacy and culminated into a continuing relationship with the DREAM Project. The Dominican Republic Education and Mentoring (DREAM) Project aims for all children and youth to have equal opportunities to learn and realize their full potential through transformative education programs that combat the effects of poverty. JetBlue has continued to expand this program throughout the Dominican Republic with schools in Puerto Plata, Santiago, Higuey and Santo Domingo.

The connection made between these young learners and local JetBlue staff has been empowering, and the creative, interactive workshops offer an ideal setting for students to learn, ask questions and be actively engaged. These programs encourage children and youth to read more frequently, building key habits that are crucial to becoming lifelong readers. As a result of this partnership, thousands of children and youth have been exposed to a positive learning environment that not only provides access to educational materials, but helps develop a love for learning in the long run.

For more information, please visit dominicandream.orgopens in a new window

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