Dallas/Fort Worth participates in "Buzz Off"

Inspired by JetBlue's "caring" value, crewmembers from Dallas/Fort Worth participated in One Mission's First Annual "Buzz Off" event in Dallas. By participating in JetBlue’s matching grant program, From Blue to You, the crewmembers were able to double the impact of their local donation. More than half of the crewmembers at Dallas/Fort Worth participated in fundraising and shaving their heads in honor of a family member and/or local child battling cancer.

Below is a personal testimony from one of our DFW crewmembers, Isamarie Mojica:

This experience touched my heart in so many ways. Sometimes you support charities because you simply want to be helpful, but sometimes it becomes more meaningful when the cause has affected you in an incredibly personal way. My mom was fighting lymphatic cancer, and she went through a very difficult surgery in March 2014. I am a person full of hope and truly believe that if you love someone, you should tell them every second you can, because you never know when it might be the last time.

I grew up in Puerto Rico with my grandparents, and in my culture, people believe that hair is the identity of the woman – it is your essence, it is your personality. And it was true. I never cut my hair very short. But when I saw my mom losing her hair during her battle with cancer, I felt the urge to to go through everything with her. My mentality completely changed. Beauty is not about "looks" – it's what you have inside your heart. And that day in the surgery room while my mom was fighting for her life, I prayed and prayed. And I made the promise that when she made it through, I would donate all my hair to kids with cancer. I did it because I truly understood their fight and their need to maintain their identity. When I was bald, people looked at me differently – they judged me silently, thinking I was sick, too. And I quickly saw how trivial our society can be – and it helped me learn so much!

My mom won the battle and she survived. But she, and other survivors, still fight every single day.

Thanks to that experience, I enjoy continuing to help these charitable, cancer-awareness organizations, and I am always able to lend a hand (or some hair!), because now I have a new understanding and perspective.

– Isamarie Mojica Hernandez, JetBlue crewmember, Dallas/Fort Worth



To learn more about Buzz Off and how you can also give back, visit buzzforkids.orgopens in a new window

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