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Mobility Assistance

Need a wheelchair at the airport, or traveling with your own personal assistive device? Below, you’ll find what you need to know, including how to add a Special Service Request.

Adding Special Service Requests

To help us accommodate your unique travel needs and provide an exceptional JetBlue experience, we recommend you book your travel as soon as possible and add a Special Service Request (SSR). You can add an SSR and choose your own seat when you book online at or with our free app. Just check the box under the traveler info, and dropdown menus will appear.  

Need help booking or adding a Special Service Request? Please call us at 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583) (voice) or 711 (TTY). There’s never a fee to add an SSR to an existing booking.  

In addition, please let our airport crewmembers know what assistance you need. 

Wheelchair Assistance at Airports

JetBlue offers mobility/wheelchair assistance at all airports. We can provide boarding and deplaning assistance at your departure and destination airports, and have your personal wheelchair available upon arrival at the gate or bag claim area—whichever you prefer. If you choose to have your wheelchair delivered at bag claim, we’ll provide wheelchair service to get you there. Need a wheelchair at the curb? Please have a companion alert a JetBlue crewmember or business partner that you’ve arrived and one will be brought out to you.  

Wheelchairs & Scooters on JetBlue

We transport most types of personal wheelchairs including folding, collapsible or non-folding manual wheelchairs, battery-powered wheelchairs and scooters.  

Traveling with your own wheelchair? 

Whether it’s motorized or manual, it’s important to let us know the best way to handle, operate and stow your device. Please download, print and complete our  

Wheelchair Information formlink opens in a new window operated by
            external parties and may not conform to the same
            accessibility policies as JetBlue 

The dimensions of the cargo bin doors for each type of aircraft below. You’ll find the type of aircraft that will be used for your flight during booking on the flight results page, or under My Trips/Manage Trips on (Aircraft are subject to change.) 

  • A321 — 73” x 80”
  • A320 — 73” x 80"
  • E190 — 28" (interior bin is 37" tall)

Other assistive devices

Assistive devices which can safely fit in an overhead compartment or under a customer's seat may be carried into the cabin and do not count toward your carry-on bag allowance.  

Aircraft accessibility

Jetbridge access or level entry is not always available in every JetBlue city. If you are traveling using a mobility assistive device, there are tools available that can be made ready to assist you as you board or deplane the aircraft. Please let us know how we may best assist you.  
Cities without Level Entry Boardinglink opens in a new window operated by
            external parties and may not conform to the same
            accessibility policies as JetBlue 

Wheelchairs, aisle chairs, transfer kits and personnel are available to assist with boarding and deplaning.  You can also bring your own transfer kit. 

If you cannot ascend or descend stairs, please alert JetBlue of the assistance needed once you arrive at the airport.  

The lavatories on our aircraft are not accessible, but they are equipped with grab bars and accessible handles. 

Like a wingman through Security.

TSA Cares provides support for travelers needing accommodations or assistance during the screening process.

Indicates link opens an external site and may not conform to the same accessibility policies as JetBlue.

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