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How to submit a proposal

We use a submission system powered by Sponsorwise which is designed to help you provide the information we need to make a prompt and informed decision. We do not accept email, fax or mail solicitations and ask you submit your request at least 3 months prior to your event. In order to ensure that all opportunities are given the highest consideration, we ask for your patience during the evaluation process which may take eight to ten weeks. To make it easier for you, once you register, you'll be able to log on and view the status of your request.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for a promotion, sponsorship or event opportunity we ask that you visit

If you would like to submit a request for charity donations please visit Please keep in mind we will need a 501C3 number in order to evaluate your request.

Traditionally, we do not sponsor:

  • Anything that conflicts with JetBlue's core values of fun, passion, caring, integrity, and most importantly, safety.
  • Political parties that include both candidates and campaigns
  • Religious organizations/affiliations