Taxes and Fees

For domestic travel within the Continental United States:

For travel between the United States and Mexico:

For travel between the Continental United States and Puerto Rico:

For travel between the United States and international locations:

VAT of up to 18% of the base fare depending on international destination. Non-US Value Added Taxes based on itinerary are as follows:

Country of Originating travel VAT
Barbados 17.5% of base fare
Colombia 16% of Base Fare
Mexico 4% of Base Fare
Dominican Republic  18% of Base Fare
Costa Rica 5% of Base Fare
Saint Lucia 7.5% of Base Fare
Peru 18% of Base Fare
Haiti 10% of Base Fare
Trinidad 15% of Base Fare
South Africa 14% of Base Fare
Senegal 18% of Base Fare

When canceling one flight of an international itinerary, you may be subject to an increase in the amount of taxes owed.