Airport Congestion

Last Updated: 07/17/2019 9:00 AM ET

With the current high volume of travelers, please be advised that customers can expect longer than normal TSA wait times. We encourage all customers traveling domestically on any JetBlue flight to plan to arrive at the airport a minimum of 2 hours prior to flight departure time, and all customers traveling internationally to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to departure time.


Several airports throughout our network, including JFK, FLL, and MCO may also experience flight delays due to ongoing construction. As always, please be sure to check your flight status online or via the JetBlue mobile app before departing for the airport.

New and Updated TSA Security Screening Procedures

Last Updated: 07/17/2019 9:00 AM ET

Please be advised of the following new and updated screening procedures for carry-on bags, issued by the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration (DHS/TSA).


For all domestic and international travel, the following items must be removed from carry-on bags and placed into separate bins for X-ray screening:

  • Electronics larger than a cell phone
  • Liquids – please note that the 3-1-1 rule still applies

Customers may also be asked to remove food and snacks, including any type of food or drink in powdered form


Personal electronic devices on international flights

Personal electronic devices (PEDs) larger than a cell phone are required to be removed from carry-on bags for flights traveling to the United States from international destinations.


While customers are still allowed to bring personal electronic devices on board, increased and extensive security screenings that may include interviews will be conducted in accordance with this mandated DHS/TSA security directive.


Powders on international flights

Customers traveling to the United States from international destinations may be subject to additional screening if carrying powders.


Effective as of June 30, 2018, new security measures now limit the quantity of substances in powder form in the aircraft cabin. As a general rule, a customer will not be allowed to carry on powders in a quantity exceeding that of a typical soda can (350ML/12 Fluid OZ). To avoid having these items taken during security screening, it is recommended that all powders be placed in checked bags.


There are some exceptions, including baby formula, prescribed medications, and crematory containers. For more information, please visit the DHS website.


Remember, 1 under + 1 up!

You can carry on 2 bags max! One (1) item that fits under the seat in front of you—like a purse, daypack, laptop bag or pet carrier—plus one (1) approved carry-on that fits in the overhead bin (space permitting). Click here for details about our carry-on and checked bag policy.


All customers are encouraged to arrive at the airport early and allow extra time for travel due to the increased security screening. Please be sure to check the status of your flight online or via the JetBlue app prior to arriving at the airport. For airport information, including check-in times and terminal information, click here.

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