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Diversity is one of JetBlue's strengths and a foundation of the company's creative and innovative spirit. It's a fundamental part of the JetBlue experience, enabling us to better anticipate, understand and meet the needs of our customers.

We value the breadth and wealth of personal and professional experience that our crewmembers bring to JetBlue as we're all unique and individual. To ensure JetBlue's continued success, we're focused on hiring crewmembers based on the quality of their experience, skills, work record, education, attitude and character, without regard for their identification, or perceived identification, with any group or classification of people.

JetBlue's commitment to equal opportunity employment includes recruiting, hiring and reasonable accommodation of qualified crewmembers who are differently abled. Our crewmembers are encouraged to participate in outreach activities devoted to providing education and information about the employment of people with disabilities. We also remain committed to providing appropriate and reasonable accommodation for any crewmembers who may become disabled while employed at JetBlue.

Here you will find a company that is also committed to the employment of veterans and not only values military experience, but actively works to support our nation's armed forces. We recognize the specialized skill sets that veterans bring to the table and believe these skills unite perfectly with our values that we strive to achieve everyday.

JetBlue is an equal opportunity employer committed to recognizing and developing the value of all its crewmembers.

Equal Opportunity Policy for Protected Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities

Equal Employment Opportunity-Affirmative Action Policy