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Crewmember stories

Anna Ballard - Airports
Six years as a bar manager and flair bartending (essentially blowing fire from behind the bar), doesn't exactly scream "airline experience". But my need to settle down and start a family led me to throw in the towel and get a dreaded - and what I anticipated to be a boring - "desk job" at JetBlue. Boy was I wrong! There is never a day that I'm not challenged with a new situation or a new opportunity. What I really love about JetBlue is the diverse group of crewmembers. In my five years here, I've met people from all different backgrounds who all have one thing in common - our hearts beat true to the Blue!

Devan Huish - Reservations
Before coming to JetBlue, I worked for a company that I thought offered benefits and a culture that were second-to-none. But, since becoming a Reservationist at JetBlue, I've never looked back. In fact, in my new role as an operations supervisor, I'm a perfect example of JetBlue's practice to "promote from within". JetBlue has a way of making me feel equally as important as our executives, despite the thousands of crewmembers that work here. What's truly second-to-none is working for an airline that values its people and realizes the vital role they play in the company's success.

Thomas Ziegler - Inflight
After spending 27 years in the New York City Fire Department and eight years in retirement, I was fortunate to become part of the JetBlue family at the age of 57. As a young man with a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, the dream of travel eluded me. Now as an inflight crewmember, travel abounds. Imagine visiting Alcatraz Island in San Francisco one day and then sipping Café Au Lait and eating beignets in New Orleans the next. Well I've done it!

Kevin Clancy - Flight Ops
Most airlines can move people from point A to point B - I should know. I've been with four different airlines throughout my career and even retired from one due to a law that was in place which required pilots to retire at age 60. The law was reversed and now I'm back in the business as the eldest new-hire pilot at JetBlue and, I daresay, at any major airline operating today. The reason for my return? JetBlue's recruiters saw my potential and once I got here, the application process was smooth, the training was top notch and the crewmembers always made my day enjoyable and still do.

Therese Stone – Tech Ops
Only six months into my career at JetBlue I had to address a life threatening health issue. Having worked for other airlines I was sure my career at JetBlue was finished. Not the case! My supervisors took me under their wing and showed so much caring and support - true evidence of the amazing culture and incredible crewmembers that work here. I'm always proud to tell people I work for JetBlue because when we talk about JetBlue culture, it's not just talk. Crewmembers really do walk the walk.

Marc Ginsberg - Accounting
My first impression of JetBlue was as a paying customer. I was traveling with my infant on a JetBlue flight and, unbeknownst to me, my baby's pacifier fell out of the stroller. Pacifiers were a dime a dozen in my household, but I'll never forget the gate agent who found the pacifier and made her way on to the flight to hand deliver it. This small, but significant, gesture showed me that this was an amazing place to work. After four years of being a stay-at-home dad, I wanted in! I'm now going on my fifth year and, while the company has changed in many ways, so many of the important things have remained the same. I'm still happy to come to work every day and not a lot of people get to say that.