Communities and their environments are inherently connected. That is why we include
environmental programs in our community engagement.
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Down to earth – even in the air!
Onboard recycling is part of our initiative to do everything we 'can' to help reduce the amount of waste regenerated.
One Thing That's Green – Shrinking our carbon footprint
JetBlue supports clean energy through carbon offsetting.
An innovation in recycling – The JetBlue uniform bag collection
JetBlue partnered with Manhattan Portage to roll out an innovative line of travel bags recycled from crewmember uniforms.
T5 Farm sprouts blue potatoes
In 2015, JetBlue took farm-to-air to a whole new level with an experiment in urban farming at New York's JFK Airport.
Leadership Corner – JetBlue's role in corporate citizenship
JetBlue CEO and President, Robin Hayes discusses how JetBlue does its part for corporate social responsibility.

To learn more about JetBlue's climate change work and environmental sustainability
in our business, visit jetblue.com/green

Want to help?

JetBlue customers and crewmembers are passionate about the causes they support and always find
inspiring ways to give back. Customers can support a variety of causes by providing funds or donating
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