Cargo FAQs

Does JetBlue ship live animals?
At this time JetBlue does not ship live animals as cargo or in the bellies of any aircraft. JetBlue does accept small pets in the cabin. More info.

Can I ship my personal items as cargo?
Unfortunately, we are forbidden from shipping personal items by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Does JetBlue ship one-time shipments?
Yes, but in order to do so, the shipper would need to have a formal account set up through JetBlue cargo which takes approximately 7-10 days. JetBlue does not encourage one-time shipments.

Can I send items as cargo on the same flight I’m on?  What will it cost?
JetBlue is forbidden from shipping personal items by the TSA, however traveling customers can check items as luggage at the ticket counter when checking in for their flight. These items may be subject to additional fees for overweight, oversize or additional baggage.

Do all JetBlue destinations offer cargo services?
JetBlue does not currently have cargo operations in all cities served. For a list of JetBlue’s cargo facilities click here.