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JetBlue Airways To Provide Access to Emergency Telemedicine Physicians On All Flights

MedAire, Inc. to Provide Medical Services

New York, NY, 10/25/1999 -- When JetBlue's first flight takes off, expected to be in January, 2000, crew members will have immediate access to MedLink's 16 board-certified emergency physicians at any time during flight, 24 hours-a-day. The telemedicine services, provided by MedAire, Inc. of Phoenix, allow crew members to consult directly with a physician who specializes in inflight emergency medicine.

Recognizing the importance of training its crew on frequently encountered inflight medical emergencies, JetBlue will initially provide MedAire's Management of Inflight Illness and Injury medical training for all flight attendants, inclusive of CPR/automated external defibrillator training. In the future, MedAire will provide train-the-trainer courses, specifically designed to refresh the airline's training staff on inflight medical emergencies.

"This level of training is indicative of the direction commercial aviation is taking on the training front," said Joan Sullivan Garrett, president of MedAire. "It's no longer an option to provide flight attendants with comprehensive training on inflight emergencies ‹ it's a necessity".

"Medical preparedness onboard is just one of the ways that JetBlue cares for our passengers and crew," said David Neeleman, JetBlue's Chief Executive Officer. "Our 'high tech, high-touch' ethos is bringing humanity back to air travel. JetBlue's onboard medical programs, including defibrillators on every aircraft, and extensive crew training means we can be prepared for just about any medical emergency in the air or at the departure gate." "MedLink's licensed physicians offer a tremendous peace of mind to crew members and ultimately higher level care to passengers," said Garrett. "Not only are our physicians trained specifically in the treatment of inflight and remote medical emergencies, but we also deal with more than 400 inflight medical emergency situations per month.

"Such experience and expertise adds an additional level of confidence to crew members as they work to manage an inflight illness or injury."

JetBlue, to be based at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, plans to serve up to a dozen cities with 10 new Airbus A320 aircraft by the end of its first year of operations, pending final Government approval. The carrier's proposed route structure extends from Portland, ME in the north to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. in the south, to Salt Lake City, Utah in the west.

The United States Department of Transportation has certified that JetBlue Airways Corporation's management is fit, willing and able to provide scheduled air service and it has issued the company a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity. This certificate will become effective when JetBlue completes its Federal Aviation Administration certification process, which is currently underway.

MedAire provides telemedicine services worldwide, including services to many of the top US and international airlines.


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